The Evil Diaries: Watchstone and Fevertree

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The Evil Diaries: Watchstone and Fevertree

Dominic Chappell seems to me to have behaved criminally at BHS. It’ll be interesting to see if HMG gets round to doing anything.

Further, Green seems to have found that BHS was a hopeless cause and, instead of putting it into insolvency procedures, sold all his shares to Chappell for £1. This is proof that Green knew BHS was a hopeless cause.

He has, it is said, offered £80m to whomever, presumably to boost funds available to creditors of BHS, to get himself off the hook.

If I were he I would cut out all publicity photos of oneself even if accompanied by eye candy of the highest order. I detect rising public revulsion.


I bought more Watchstone (WTG) this morning – this time at 224p. I still expect the price to double.


I shorted Fevertree (FEVR) at 730p. This is surely ridiculously overvalued. The problem is that it might become even more ridiculously overvalued. I had to pay 2% p.a. to borrow stock.


Talking of borrowing costs I have very recently had one firm of spread bettors nick £3,500 from my account. I only found this out by being unable to understand how my account had moved. (I could easily have missed it altogether.) Enquiries continue. But their attitude is pretty casual. I would be interested to hear of the experience of others.

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