Dyson to electrify the West Country

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Dyson to electrify the West Country

Dyson to electrify the West Country: I think Sir James Dyson’s intervention in the electric car market is very telling. He is clearly very intelligent and the public believe in him. He could float Dyson vehicles right now. Of how many people could the same be said? Not many.

He will have had the advantage of watching Tesla make all those errors where they now find themselves promoting an out of date design. And then there is General Motors and Daimler Benz coming along. I give Tesla no chance whatsoever. As for its current capitalisation ($50 billion or so) this must be counted the biggest load of phooey de nos jours.


Rather to my surprise (I had been yawning for so long) Orsu Metals (CVE:OSU) has announced a consolidation of stock. this can only be preparatory to corporate action. It has been a very long wait.


I shorted BooHoo (LON:BOO) yesterday since I detected a stream of BS coming along. This morning it duly did. You either suspend disbelief or you do not. I don’t. That noted, I closed the short at 240p. However, taking the longer view, a capitalisation of £2.8 billion is just far too much. EPS for this last six months is a trifling 1.25p. Assuming one increases this to 3p for the year BOO is on a current PE of the order of 100. If there is the slightest stumble along the way…


Finally, the Labour Party is starting to grow up by anticipating a massive run on sterling should these clowns ever sniff power. Well, at least they have declared they know the disaster they are seeking to generate.

What they failed to comment upon is the accompanying collapse of the gilts market. This would be astounding in its extent and speed.

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  • Compounder says:

    Dyson would be better off sticking to what he does best – making hoovers. Rather than trying to compete with multi billion dollar car manufactureres. It will all end in tears.

    Also, I have no desire to drive around in a Dyson C5 🙂

  • Jack Lifton says:

    Unlike Tesla Dyson begins with perhaps the most experience in the non Chinese world of mating lithium in batteries to rare earth permanent magnet motors. Albeit these were small relatively low power systems Dyson clearly has an edge. I think that if Dyson hires good automotive engineers he should be rapidly at least on a par with the existing electric vehicle makers. I agree that Tesla is vastly overvalued; the question is: Is the total electrification of personal transportation, the goal of the politicians and greens, practical or even possible?? This question will soon be tested.

  • Old Nic says:

    Those clowns, that is the Labour Party, have consistently given me better returns on my investments than the other clowns, the Conservative Party.
    Study your stocks and tell me I am wrong.
    By the way the Tories have also nationalised more private companies in terms of value than the Labour party.
    It is all smoke and mirrors, none of them are really interested in the economy.

    • Mike Wilson says:

      Massive difference between Labour under Blair & Brown and Labour under revolutionary communist Corbyn. I suggest you follow the old adage ‘Past performance is no guide to future performance’ and sell if these guys get into power – they are a very serious threat to anyone with something to lose. They don’t like order you know.

  • Bowman says:

    I wonder if they will come with an integral vacuum cleaner, so they can keep themselves clean.

  • Jon says:

    Well, Mitsubishi and Daewoo also make microwave ovens…..

  • Alfacomp says:

    Of course Dyson batteries are likely to be using Vanadium in them, just like the Belenos batteries that are expected to be used by Geely/Volvo. Dyson knows full well about Vanadium from when he bought Sakti3 two years ago – if you want to understand how Vanadium can be used to make Lithium-ion batteries safer and run further see the report from Texas A&M university here :- https://www.thebushveldperspective.com/vanitec-2nd-energy-storage-meeting-part-3/

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