A crashingly obvious decision

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A crashingly obvious decision

Readers may recall my reservation over buying Six Hundred Group (SIXH) in that the price was so low there had to be the possibility of a hidden horror. Well, this morning’s figures for the year ended 1st April 2017 put all that to bed. These results are very encouraging indeed.

Tangible Net Asset Value is an astonishing 40p+ a share and there is a surplus on the pension fund of the order of 8p per share. The order book for the current year is 29% up and EPS for the year just ended is 1.97p. It is reasonable to reckon that this is rising and I hazard is currently 2.5p. Thus buying at under 20p is a crashingly obvious decision.

I own 1m.


I await the full story at Provident Financial Group (PFG). It is not good. Currently 2350p bid. More follows on Friday (I hope).

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