How to profit from the aviation revolution

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How to profit from the aviation revolution

Things are changing in the aviation business. Three new trends in aircraft technology are about to revolutionise the industry. First, a new generation of super-long range aircraft are coming into service, meaning that flights from the UK to Australia will soon all be non-stop. Second, aero-engines are becoming super-efficient, meaning lower fuel costs and less pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and noise. Third, in the short-haul sector, the prospect of almost-silent electricity-powered aircraft is now in view.

What’s more, just as self-driving cars are about to become reality – not everyone will like this – self-flying passenger aeroplanes are about to be tested. Future pilots will be robots. 

This month, I want to pinpoint opportunities across the aviation universe: airframe manufacturers, aircraft engine manufacturers and the airlines that will profit most from the new technology. There are some surprising implications; and, as usual, there are winners and losers.

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