The Evil Diaries: Churchill China and Clear Leisure

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The Evil Diaries: Churchill China and Clear Leisure

Churchill Mining (CHL) keeps crawling up. And it is nothing to do with the general trend of indices. But have the buyers got wind of a touch of fair play on the way from the Republic of Indonesia? I doubt it. Even so, at 29p, I am not selling.

Clear Leisure (CLP) has jumped 80% this morning and is currently 1.2p. I doubt if this is the end of it.

On Saturday evening I saw the most remarkable performance by a racehorse for some years. Almanzor will surely win the Arc (2nd October). But, seemingly, the trainer fancies coming to Ascot instead two weeks later. I think he is pulling our legs.

Finally, gold is coming down because the market thinks interest rates could be going up. I am sure they are. But inflation is going up faster. Which makes gold in USD terms cheap. All aboard.

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