Sureserve Group – Sell Now And Reinvest

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Sureserve Group – Sell Now And Reinvest

Wow – what a double winner for Master Investor readers who had invested in Sureserve Group (LON:SUR).

Today it has been announced that a company called Cap10 is offering 125p a share in cash for total control of the social housing energy services provider.

It is an agreed bid with several of the £206m capitalised group’s equity irrevocably accepting the offer.

And so should you if you have stock, selling the shares immediately in the market @ 123p bid.

On 13 January this year I commented on the way that the shares of this gas safety compliance and energy efficiency services group had been gently nudging higher over the previous week.

On 25 January I stated that:

This group’s shares should be a great deal higher than they are currently!

Just bringing the valuation of the Sureserve Group (LON:SUR) up in line with the UK market average would see it worth at least 126p a share compared to last night’s closing level of just 88p.”

I noted that I had recently set a new Target Price of 106p on the shares, within months, which I believed is an easy price objective.

Further into the year I saw the shares climbing steadily towards the 120p barrier and above.

So now what?

I say take the 123p in the market right now and reinvest it in Totally @ 19.5p a share – see todays feature on the company.

Well done holders, value always shows out!

(Profile 14.01.20 @ 36p set a Target Price of 50p*)

(Profile 06.01.23 @ 85p set a Target Price of 106p*)

(Asterisks * denote that Target Prices have been achieved since Profile publication)

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