Harriman House

Founded in 1994, Harriman House is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of financial and business books, eBooks and other content. We have an extensive catalogue of titles and produce high-quality, highly focused products by working with leading authors, journalists, experts and institutions across the globe. Our trading & investing books, include popular titles such as The Naked Trader (Robbie Burns), Shares Made Simple (Rodney Hobson), Harriman’s New Book of Investing Rules and Harriman’s Stock Market Almanac.

Harriman also owns Volow (www.volow.co), a browser-based eBook reader and subscription service that allows users to read pre-owned eBooks, buy new eBooks or subscribe to a collection of titles for a fixed monthly fee. Titles available to read include books from Harriman House, Wiley and FT / Pearson, along with research company reports such as Hardman & Co, and popular magazines.