Budapest Stock Exchange

The Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) creates a platform for Hungarian companies to grow and prosper. Our mission includes providing small and medium sized firms with expertise and financial support needed to join the stock exchange, as well as improving the financial culture in our society. BSE has a considerable history: it was originally established in 1864 and re-established after the fall of communism in 1990. Today we are following our 2016-2020 strategy to become more attractive for investors and companies alike. Our blue chip companies represent well the Hungarian economy, with the total market capitalization of listed firms standing at approximately US $33.8 billion. We are set to further develop the capital market ecosystem where issuers are creating exciting opportunities for domestic and international investors, both retail and institutional. We recently introduced Xtend as a special market for medium sized companies to join the exchange. Furthermore, BSE has a joint programme together with ELITE, a company of the London Stock Exchange Group, which gives mentorship to up and coming Hungarian companies to learn about the ways they can grow using diverse financing opportunities. BSE is powered by Xetra, one of the fastest and most reliable trading systems in the world.