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JULY 2017

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  • The Macro Investor: Prepare to embrace volatility

    Volatility has hit record lows – but for how long? Filipe R. Costa explains why now could be a good time to take a bet on a future spike in the VIX volatility index.

  • Forensic Forex: Crossroads for the major currency pairs

    Author and trader Samuel Rae reveals the factors that he views as crucial to his trading in the near term and where he stands on each of the major pairs.

  • Chart Navigator: Using stop-losses to maximise profits

    This month, veteran trader David Jones looks at a couple of ways charts can help when it comes to taking profits on a longer-term investment or shorter-term trade.

  • Death & Taxes: Undefined benefits

    Alan Steel of Alan Steel Asset Management looks at why you should think twice before transferring out of your final salary pension scheme.  

  • How to Invest Like... John Neff

    Filipe R. Costa distils the investment strategy and insights of John Neff, the value investor who managed the famous Vanguard Windsor Fund for 31 years.

  • Best of the Blog

    We look back at some of the most popular pieces from the Master Investor Magazine website during the month of June.

  • Read to Succeed: The DIY Investor

    Richard Gill, CFA, reviews The DIY Investor, a book by AJ Bell founder Andy Bell. The book provides a view into the sometimes confusing worlds of personal finance and investment, offering a multitude of practical tips on how to make the best of one's savings.

  • The Final Word: The wisdom in books

    While we can learn from our own experience, it is a far more efficient use of our time to learn from the hard-won experiences of others. Tim Price explores the books that fundamentally changed his outlook on investing.

  • Markets in Focus

    Market data for the month of June.

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    The great automotive transition

    Who will be the winners and losers?

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    Black gold

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    How to get clever investing in the Smart Economy

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    How to invest in the next wave of tech

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    Automotive Armageddon

    Which auto manufacturers will pick up the pieces?

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    Crypto Dawn

    Is Facebook’s Libra the future of crypto?

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    Investing in the age of populism

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  • June 2019
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    Investing in the age of populism

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  • May 2019
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    The sharing economy

    Opportunity or ideology?

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  • April 2019
    APRIL 2019


    Grabbing the bull by the horns

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  • March 2019
    MARCH 2019


    Superhuman investment potential?

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  • February 2019
    FEBRUARY 2019

    How to get the most from your ISA & SIPP

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  • January 2019
    JANUARY 2019

    How to invest in 2019

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  • December 2018
    DECEMBER 2018


    Down but not out

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  • November 2018
    NOVEMBER 2018

    Investing for Growth

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  • October 2018
    OCTOBER 2018

    Black gold shines again

    How to ride the recovery in the oil price

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  • September 2018
    SEPTEMBER 2018

    Renewable Energy

    How to position your portfolio for a new investment climate

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  • August 2018
    AUGUST 2018

    The Dividend King

    How one trust grew its dividend for more than half a century

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  • July 2018
    JULY 2018

    The Healthcare Revolution

    Investing for a healthier future with OrbiMed’s Sven Borho

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  • June 2018
    JUNE 2018


    Where next for Britain's favourite investment?

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  • May 2018
    MAY 2018

    How to give your finances a Spring Clean

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  • April 2018
    APRIL 2018

    Death of the High Street

    Where next for the retail sector?

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  • March 2018
    MARCH 2018

    Around the World in Eight Investments

    Fidelity’s Tom Stevenson goes globe-trekking for the best returns

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  • February 2018
    FEBRUARY 2018

    African Dawn

    How to play the next emerging market

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  • January 2018
    JANUARY 2018

    How to Invest in 2018

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  • December 2017
    DECEMBER 2017

    The Future of Money

    Cash, Crypto or Gold?

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  • November 2017
    NOVEMBER 2017

    The American Dream

    Investing in the world’s most dynamic economy

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  • October 2017
    OCTOBER 2017


    Investing in an age of longevity

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  • September 2017
    SEPTEMBER 2017

    The new arms race

    15 stocks to dominate the modern battlefield

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  • August 2017
    AUGUST 2017

    Climate Change

    Curse or Opportunity?

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  • June 2017
    JUNE 2017

    Cyber Wars

    Who will win?

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  • May 2017
    MAY 2017

    La Belle France

    It's time to feast on the crème de la crème of the French stock market

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  • April 2017
    APRIL 2017

    Driving into the future

    Move your portfolio up a gear with the automotive revolution

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  • March 2017
    MARCH 2017

    Fidelity's Tom Stevenson

    Keeping the Faith with Markets

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  • February 2017
    FEBRUARY 2017


    Invest with the pros

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  • January 2017
    JANUARY 2017


    Prepare to harvest the next growth market

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  • December 2016
    DECEMBER 2016

    The end of globalisation

    We reveal the winners and losers

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  • November 2016
    NOVEMBER 2016

    Financial Crisis II

    How to prepare for the inevitable crash

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  • October 2016
    OCTOBER 2016


    How to protect your portfolio from investors’ worst enemy

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  • September 2016
    SEPTEMBER 2016

    The End of Austerity?

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  • August 2016
    AUGUST 2016


    How to play the next bull market

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  • July 2016
    JULY 2016

    Time for Take-Off

    How growth in global air travel can lift your portfolio

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  • June 2016
    JUNE 2016

    Virtual Reality

    How to profit from the coming revolution

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  • May 2016
    MAY 2016

    How to Invest Like Warren Buffett

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  • April 2016
    APRIL 2016


    Can you afford it?

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  • March 2016
    MARCH 2016

    The Rise of the Machines

    How to invest in the age of the robot

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  • February 2016
    FEBRUARY 2016

    The Death of Commodities?

    Plumbing the depths of the commodity market

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  • January 2016
    JANUARY 2016

    Big Ideas for 2016

    Packed full of trading and investment ideas for the New Year

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  • December 2015
    DECEMBER 2015


    How to cash in on the new arms race

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  • November 2015
    NOVEMBER 2015

    Is There a Bubble in Biotech?

    Is the biotech boom at an end?

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  • October 2015
    OCTOBER 2015


    How to invest in the final frontier

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  • September 2015
    SEPTEMBER 2015

    A Conflict of Interest

    When will interest rates rise?

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  • August 2015
    AUGUST 2015


    Land of the rising stock market

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  • July 2015
    JULY 2015

    Mid-cap magic

    Our guide to investing in the sweet spot of the market

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  • June 2015
    JUNE 2015

    How to pick the perfect share

    We sort the wheat from the chaff in the UK market

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  • May 2015
    MAY 2015

    Whoever wins, Britain loses

    General election 2015

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  • April 2015
    APRIL 2015

    The pinnacle of bricks & mortar investment

    Empire State Building: own a piece of history through the REIT

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