Zak Mir Press release in relation to UK Investor Show

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Zak Mir Press release – “I am pleased to relay that with immediate effect I shall be working exclusively for Burnbrae Media and related entities and additionally, I will no longer be speaking at the UK Investor Show.” Zak Mir.

SBM’s take – What with both our contributors John Walsh and Dominic Picarda also no longer speaking at the UK Investor Show, we welcome Zak’s decision and very much look forward to working more closely with him and his unique brand of Technical Analysis.

Additionally, a blog posted this weekend by a self styled and controversial share “tipster” in which he took a swipe at the reporting of what he deems to be “fudged” returns by other tipsheets rather amused me…

As the founder of this publication and also of Titan Investment Partners, the returns from our funds are there for all to see on our website here – and where the structure is one of total alignment with our investors with our own capital in each of the funds. There can be nothing more transparent. And of course, this approach is in total contrast to “share tipping” services in that we actually “put our money where our mouth is”.

Richard Jennings, CFA.

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