Frictionless micropayments with SatoshiPay

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Frictionless micropayments with SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay, a blockchain micropayment company founded 2014 in Berlin, is exhibiting at the Master Investor Show for the third year in a row. In December 2017, SatoshiPay launched their updated product and six new strategic partnerships. Instead of Bitcoin, the company’s backend is now based on the open and free Stellar distributed ledger network as its underlying blockchain technology.

To see SatoshiPay’s micropayment technology in action, you can try it out right here in this article. Unlock the next paragraphs of this article using micropayments and click the image below to donate to The Big Issue Foundation. The Big Issue’s mission is to dismantle poverty by creating opportunity, through self-help, social trading and business solutions.

Simply click or tap the light blue SatoshiPay widget at the bottom right of the page, select “Top Up” and add credit using PayPal or credit card. Your content tokens, called “lumens”, will arrive to your browser within seconds and you can start spending straight away.

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