Crossing the chasm – a key step on the longevity investment journey

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Crossing the chasm – a key step on the longevity investment journey

The global longevity economy is projected to reach $27 trillion in 2026 – but as with all sectors, timing and strategy is paramount.

George Sutherland is the non-executive Chairman of First Longevity, Longevity.Technology’s
parent company, and he knows that demystifying the opportunities of longevity for investors
and innovators is key to achieving sector growth.

George joins us at Master Investor’s one-day masterclass Investing in the Age of Longevity,
to consider how Geoffrey Moore’s chasm theory applies to longevity and how the chasm
should be approached, navigated and overcome.

Chasm theory posits that a chasm exists between the enthusiasts, visionaries and early
adopters and the wait-and-see pragmatists who come on board later. Get it right, and you
can dominate the market, making it over the chasm, rather than stumbling due to consumer
adoption and scale

The growth in longevity research, investment, clinical progress and market-ready products is
driving the market toward increasing levels of awareness and adoption. The role that
communication plays is crucial in both business and consumer domains: for investors
looking to understand the longevity opportunity and make sound investment decisions, for
clinicians shifting their focus from fixing disease to prevention and for consumers migrating
their thinking from wellness toward longevity.

Innovators and investors are forming and shaping the longevity economy; crossing the
chasm and priming the market for these exciting longevity interventions will be crucial, so
don’t miss George Sutherland’s presentation at Master Investor’s one-day masterclass,
Investing in the Age of Longevity

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