An amusing ditty to the long USDYen trade

1 mins. to read

Would you like some USD/JPY?

Models are on the bid again.

This is it, it’s finally time

For USD/JPY to 109

I will not buy the USD/JPY!

I will not buy it, yet again!

I’ve been long since ‘98

I just stopped out, so now ill wait.

Would you buy it on nonfarms?

Would you buy it with both arms?

Would you buy it cuz of yields?

Or ‘cause it has that “basing feel”?

I would not buy it on nonfarms!

I would not, could not with both arms

I bought it once when bearish bonds

Now half my AUM is gone!

But the current account will soon be red!

Would you buy cross yen instead?

Would you buy on rising crude?

I think it’s time to buy some, dude!

The C/A story is too slow

I’d rather trade in Ozzie, bro

Long USD/JPY just makes me tired

If I rebuy here, I might be fired

Fine I’ll let you be, my friend

You’re right! It is a nasty trend

Buying spot is just so hard

So buy some calls then! Buy a yard!

I will not, could not buy some calls

Each time I buy them, spot just falls

Don’t price me up a DNT

These short vols plays are not for me

Would you like to sell downside?

That will not be a scary ride

The BOJ won’t let it tank

And if they do, just blame Bernank

I will not, could not sell a yen call

the skew no longer helps at all

The MTM will stress me out

I do not like the ideas you tout!

Well, I will let you go then, sir

I’ll find another customer

Wait what’s this? It cannot be!

The BOJ is adding liquidity!

(a few seconds of silence)

I will! I will! Buy USD/JPY!

I’ll buy it one more time again!

Buy two hundred! Make it three!

This dollar’s going up you see!

Buy some calls and RKOs

What’s the target? Man, who knows!

This thing could go to 104!

What’s my fill? JUST BUY SOME MORE!

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