An abject lession in the sheer useleness of “anal”ysts…

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To kick the morning off on a humurous note (although the “lucky” recipients of the brokerage house in question’s note probably did not feel lucky!), take a look at the chart below.

What this shows is the recommendation stages in the platinum miner that is Lonmin. 

There were no less than 19 recommendations and every single one bar number (4) – the sell recommendation – was wrong. 18 out of 19 takes some doing! Even a monkey or toin coss would likely achieve a 50/50 hit ratio.

If ever there was a graphic depiction of how these guys should be consigned to the investment bin, this is it. We have saved the firm in question’s posterity by ommiting their name.

To read how we proved how, en bloc, they are actually very useful to trade against, read here on page 26 by clicking the image below – 

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