Things are going well

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Things are going well

It has taken a very long time but it does seem that Quantitative Easing now comes to a stop. It will not be overnight but this surely means that interest rates are on the rise. It is very hard to see equities going ahead in this climate.


One feature of life has not however ceased. Apparently, Obama picks up a speaker’s fee of the order of £300,000 a time. Given the startingly mundane quality of the information thereby gleaned the only explanation is that members of the audience are drawn to gawping at fabulous expense. Goodness only knows why.


600 Group (LON:SIXH) held its AGM yesterday and disclosed a trading update for those unable to attend. Things are going well. Further, this statement overrides a residual fear that I have had which is that I reckoned that there had to be the possibility of a hidden horror to explain the extraordinarily low rating. There is no such horror.

But SIXH announced that they are raising c. £1m at 13p a share. Once this clears (it may have already done so) the price will surely go up.


Finally, Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) this morning duly announced a settlement of its Mediapolis debt thus generating a 1.07p a share uplift in tnav. This is a little less than the 1.25p I posited a couple of days ago. This all leads the way clear to see the share price move higher to between, say, 1.5p and 1.75p. Suitable for the patient investor.

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  • Boon says:

    Regarding Obama’s £300k fee per speech. You’re forgetting that the audience are not the same people who pays for it (event organiser) and thus the value of the speech is not quantified by what the audience gets out of it, but what the event organiser gets out of it.

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