The Evil Diaries: “We yobs like to make our point of view clear”

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The Evil Diaries: “We yobs like to make our point of view clear”

Proxama (PROX) have updated on current cash and trading. It’s okay even if not detailed. I think it is a tad surprising that the shares are not up on the news. But one can’t have everything.


Amazon (AMZN) seems to me to have been unnaturally deified. Yesterday evening, after hours, the price got zonked. This is an emperor’s got no clothes situation and will probably deteriorate.


Hooligan abroad: out to supper in the suaver end of Kensington last night I passed the mansion of Lord Rose (see Diaries passim). I told my wife that I had thrown a brickbat up against his front window. We yobs just like to make our point of view clear. Unlike Stuart.


The bird who laundered her lottery ticket has been upstaged by the proved valid claimant. This means that the bird could theoretically be prosecuted for criminally making a fraudulent claim. The main reason why she won’t be prosecuted is that Camelot do not wish to deter potential customers who fear that their general grasp of what is going on could get them into trouble.


Tom Hayes was sentenced to 11 years for conspiracy to defraud. All those named (six fellows) have since Tom’s unsuccessful appeal been acquitted of conspiracy to defraud. Something has gone dreadfully wrong in Tom’s case. Note: Tom was charged of conspiring not merely with the six but, also, “unnamed individuals”. Unnamed, eh?

SFO’S GREEN STANDS BY PROSECUTION (statement issued yesterday).

Despite the swift verdicts, SFO head David Green defended the agency’s decision to bring the prosecutions.

“The key issue in this trial was whether these defendants were party to a dishonest agreement with Tom Hayes,” he said in a statement. “By their verdicts the jury have said that they could not be sure that this was the case.”

I think Green’s words are blustering and shameful. After all, the jury might have been sure that that was not the case. This reads differently.

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