The Evil Diaries: “The Quindell bears will thin out”

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The Evil Diaries: “The Quindell bears will thin out”

I am out of Quindell (QPP) to all intents and purposes. But I regret it since this seems certain to rise. The main reason is that the bears will thin out and back off from their dogmatism. QPP is now 105p.

The withdrawal of the FCA from enquiries at QPP is bullish for QPP since it suggests that the SFO enquiries are properly directed at financial fraud – and this has nothing to do with current affairs. But it means that the FCA will concentrate upon Terry personally – and here there are questions to answer and civil claims to settle.

That noted, the FCA’s withdrawal means to the Quob Park lunatics that all is OK at Daniel Stewart (DAN). This I do not get. Similarly: Imaginatik (IMTK). Style point: there is nothing wrong with IMTK; it’s just got the Quob Park tendency fantasising in attendance.

Elsewhere, although contrary to the chairman’s comments, I am short EUR/USD and this is costing money. And I am rescuing the position by going long DAX on the chairman’s advice. Talk about being committed to the chairman.

One thing stands out: margin rates on equities are going up. Goodness knows why they are on the short tack or why the margin rate for a short should be the same as for a long. This is an impossible state of affairs to justify. However, I put it to readers, who may know, to comment: as they say at Which?, more reports please.

Crime ahoy: apparently, paps hide in car boots to get snaps of Prince George. This is of course a job opportunity for dwarves who are very patient. But a bigger threat comes from my wife who has declared that she could eat the little chap. Hint to protection squad: she is 68, has blond hair and blue eyes and usually wears a black hat such as donned by Paddington Bear when he was going through immigration control all those years ago. Do I get an MBE for turning her in?

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