The Evil Diaries: Punchable Producer

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Evil discusses Foxtons, Mar City, Orosur Mining, the FTSE, Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear

I sold Foxtons (FOXT) this morning at 190p on the results and was promptly rewarded with a rise against me of the order of 10%. My obsession remains the same.


As it does at Mar City (MAR) which clearly has the wibwobs.


Orosur’s (OMI) production RNS this morning is all very well but there is no mention of cash or cash balances. I can’t bring myself to sell but, equally, until the gold price goes above $,1250 it does not look good.


Anyway, I’ve scooped 200 points shorting FTSE this last few days. I think Crispin Odey has got it right.


If one stops to think about it, it is almost impossible to spend more than half an hour in the company of a BBC producer without thumping him/her. Jeremy Clarkson should surely be congratulated on his restraint all these years.

Incidentally, apparently, the BBC sell Top Gear around the world so generating annual sales of £150m. In the light of its financial weakness, has not the BBC behaved negligently in putting up yet another punchable producer? For one should not annoy the natives. Even a BBC producer should know that.

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