The Evil Diaries: Pantheon, Totally and Globo

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The Evil Diaries: Pantheon, Totally and Globo

I thought I’d leave a commentary on Pantheon (PANR) until tomorrow. But it does seem as if this is a stunner of a discovery which could take the price a lot higher in due course. I caught the bottom and bought again at 52.5p. Of course, I have no idea how far this goes but the supportive chatter has, I guess, only just begun. Further, technically, a number of holders will have chucked in their hands this morning and this produces the buying opportunity. Equally, buyers will be minded to sit upon their hands for a day or two awaiting quieter times which, I submit, will not come – at this level at any rate.


It’s nice to see Totally (TLY) going on up again – now 50p. I have no idea why. I resist buying shares with so slim an asset backing. But Bob Holt is the man to ensure stock market life for a prospect: Totally seems to be just that.


It could reasonably be remarked that I am not dispassionate about the FCA. But I wrote early last week to “The Manager” to mark the FCA’s card as regards the forthcoming revelations at Globo (GBO). Yesterday I got a call from that august organisation, the FCA not GBO. The caller advised that GNI Touch seems not to be regulated (I frequently use the reverse of old statements when sending letters). I think it was clear from my letter that I was writing about Globo on the other side – what with the date and my signature and my successfully used telephone number.

The caller then advised that Globo is not regulated. Which of course it is not in terms of investment business. But, as my letter made clear, that was not the business in hand.

Of course it occurs to me that the FCA put this character up to comment by way of a joke. But I doubt it. Carry on Bungling. It only costs somebody else’s money.

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