The Evil Diaries: “Get off the pot”

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The Evil Diaries: “Get off the pot”

Get off the pot: Was Shakoor, who is right on these matters, declares that African Potash (AFPO) is absurdly overpriced at 2p. When I collared him last Friday evening he could not go into detail since he was on his way to football practice (I quite understand). But holding AFPO is a high risk exercise.

Lucian Miers’s view/approach is slightly different. He notes Lord (Peter) Hain’s accession to the board and the orange-toned one’s remark that “AFPO would promote the African fertiliser industry and thereby improve food production, reduce child immortality (sic) and poverty.” Did Pete use these words? Hard to say. But I suspect it was just an utterance from a PR person who put this drivel in Pete’s mouth. Because Pete cannot believe in the project – or so I suppose – he does not issue a written record of his own words. It is perhaps best to share his indifference and distance oneself.


Elsewhere from the pals (not Pete), I offer as next up Matthew Earl’s comments on Dialight (DIA). They could hardly be clearer:


Apparently, Benedict Cumberbatch (BC), now appearing at some production in the West End, finishes off each evening by coming on stage berating politicians for not doing whatever is required (BC does not say what) in relation to the migrant crisis.

I doubt if he has any idea how stupid he sounds even though – perhaps especially because – I imagine his agent put him up to engage in virtue-signalling. Virtue-signalling is the practice of espousing in public views which indicate that the espouser has virtue. The fact that he/she will do nothing about proving that he/she has virtue is neither here nor there. I expect that con artists throughout the ages have always been hard at it. (In my adult lifetime the chief offender was/is Blair.)

It would not matter if the virtue signalled was in relation to pulling or not pulling down Battersea Power Station (say). It is well known that actors have views and one extra is no harm.

But the migrant crisis is quite different. Forget HMG’s declaration that it will take 20,000 over the next four years (who will be counting and setting this figure against the annual net immigration tide of the order of 350,000?). The fact is that literally millions of migrants from Syria and beyond and North Africa will be with European countries within a few months. Winter is fast approaching. There are no camps of which to speak to accommodate these unfortunates. That means no washing facilities, no warmth, no beds, no canteen facilities, no latrines and, all the while, sub zero temperatures. Children will die en masse.

Almost all the migrants are Muslims, dedicated to Islam, a religion that is a serious threat since it is basically opposed to the culture that is Europe. It cannot be wise to admit even hundreds of thousands. As for millions, give me strength.

So it seems to me that Cameron is making the best of a very bad job. As for BC, words fail me.

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