The Evil Diaries: Caught in Flagrante

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Evil discusses Dominic Strauss-Khan, Amira Nature Foods and Geiger counter…

It is recorded that a long dead British prime minister, on learning that a 65 year old government servant had been caught in flagrante in St. James’s Park with a lady of the night in sub zero temperatures, declared that it made one proud to be British. But Dominic Strauss-Kahn’s taking on eight hookers at a time would would surely make any Frenchman very proud too. Libertine? Spectacular stamina-endowment is more in point.

I had not previously heard of Presciencepoint but they propose that Amira Nature Foods (ANFI on NYSE) are worthless. Here is their report: Interestingly, one can borrow stock through IG and, for all I know, elsewhere. Further, an India fraud makes a change from a China fraud.

I should mention that ANFI is trying to get a bond issue away. I dare say they are short of cash. I expect them to continue to be short of cash. They finished at $8.74 last night as short closers banked their profits – having touched $7.76. Opportunity knocks.

Finally, I bought 40,000 Geiger Counter (GCL). This is a managed fund specialising in uranium exploration and production. I think uranium is on its way back into public favour – there isn’t any choice. Anyway, I paid 18.1p as against latest nav of 25p. That seems sensible to me.

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