The Evil Diaries: African Potash, Proxama and Watkins Jones

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The Evil Diaries: African Potash, Proxama and Watkins Jones

It has taken a while but today’s figures for the half year to 31st December for African Potash (AFPO) are hopeless. The stock is down 20%. But it will just go on dwindling.


Proxama (PROX) update: I do not expect anything to emerge this week but imagine that next week might see further positive news. I reckon they are still cheap at 1.1p.


A few days ago I bought Watkins Jones Group (WJG) at 104p (plus stamp of 0.5%). This is student housing. I have yet to learn tnav but on P&L and dividend forecasts this stock is cheap.


Current affairs: In 1936 the left wing and Jews opposed Mosley and his blackshirts in the East End of London – notably at the Battle of Cable Street. Those who made up Mosley’s men were described as right wing since they were not declaredly from the left wing in politics. I doubt if as many as 2% of Mosley’s men would be regarded by me as right wing since my idea of right wing is that section of society that seeks low top rates of income tax and minimal intervention by the state in daily lives. However, eighty or so years on, the term right wing is widely if loosely used. As in the black-shirted demonstrators in Brussels on Sunday who were driven back by police-operated water cannon. The BBC persistently described these demonstrators as far-right.

Actually, all the demonstrators want is to see that Belgium does not go into the hands of Islamists. Needless to add the Belgian authorities fail to acknowledge that. As a result, the emergence of so called far-right political strength gathers pace.

It is clear to me that it will now be essential for HMG to roll back Islam not merely in its open practice but actually in numbers. This is going to be one helluva task. But Islam laughs at liberal England particularly when it declares “Je suis Bruxelles”. These Islamists congratulate themselves on the sheer stupidity of their opponents. So the inevitable is developing: we are at war and the best way to win a war is to fight to win it now and not when the opposition has gained a further purchase. It will take great intelligence and persistence. I wonder if Islam’s adherents in this country already have the wit to co-operate.


Book review: Supporters of Middlesex need no reminding of the astonishing match at Lord’s last September when not merely did Middlesex beat Yorkshire in the most improbable manner but also thereby bagged the County Championship. As it happens, my brother Tim was there for all four days and set about using his camera. He added the words later. The result is a truly delightful book, Cricket’s Pure Pleasure. Our father, who, admittedly, cannot be said to be independent, rates this book a minor classic, written in as stylish a manner as that of Sir Neville Cardus of the Manchester Guardian. I am more dispassionate and merely assure you that it is a superb book. You can get it on Amazon for £8.90. Indeed, you may even care to telephone the author on 01603 456 335.

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