It’s starting to get hotter

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It’s starting to get hotter

My generation laments the passing of Sabrina, born Norma Sykes, named after the daughter of the King of Britain and drowned in the river Severn. She was, she claimed, the Manchester junior breaststroke champion but I think she was kidding: she was surely the world senior breaststroke champion. If in doubt, just look at her sideways on picture.

Similarly well endowed is Melania Trump. It’s a pity that that she has no endowment in the brain department. On the other hand one has to explain how she was prepared to marry Donald.


Meanwhile the countdown clock is ticking at Hexagon AB (STO:HEXA-B). There is still time to short it – now at 400 Skr. It’s starting to get hotter.


Harvey Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, has a clothes brand, Marquesa. But simply through her marriage sales are dropping off. This reputational damage arising through mere association is a new phenomenon. But it is very big and here to stay.


ZAI Corporate Finance has had to step down as GCM’s Nomad since ZAI itself is disqualified by the AIM department of the Stock Exchange from so acting. Perhaps now is the time to buy GCM at 33p. Certainly, this morning’s decline is not down to GCM.


Finally, yet again I see the advice that Jimjams plc (say) “would like to announce that….”. This is fine – after all, why should’nt an aspiring speaker declare his aspiration? But why not simply declare? It makes things clearer faster with no false modesty included.

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