October has got October written all over it

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October has got October written all over it

I went short Canadian dollars yesterday and, this morning, shorted Japanese yen at 100.78 (i.e. bought it versus USD) on the basis of a Goldman Sachs note. It is astonishing that JPY have held up so long.

I bought back my FTSE short since quite a lot of hysteria seemed to have built up by way of sentiment towards Deutsche Bank. But I have every intention of selling again – October has got October written all over it.

The chairman points out that one should write call options as a substitute for being unable to borrow Tesla (TSLA) equity. It is amazing that TSLA is being held up this way.

Clear Leisure (CLP) published its results this morning and the picture is pretty grim. But the figures mean nothing. What really matters is whether the CEO, Francesco Guerin, is winning. My guess is that he is. Make no mistake this company is by no means out of trouble yet. But if it gets clear it will bound. Now 0.95p.

I wrote off £25,000 with Almanzor finally and irrevocably being declared a non-runner for Sunday in Paris. But I’ll get it back at Ascot on 15th October – or so I hope.

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