No end of a lesson

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No end of a lesson

Capita (LON:CPI) keeps dying. The rights issue terms have yet to be announced. This does not feel right.


Where I have clearly blundered is, some years ago, slagging off Victoria (LON:VCP), the carpets/flooring manufacturer. I was originally informed that this balance sheet was a con. Well, if it is a con (I doubt it), it is definitely surviving. No end of a lesson.


It is constantly repeated on the wireless this morning that the gender pay gap is 72%. But no one advises or even guesses 72% of what.


As regular readers know, I enjoy scanning the Daily Mail, but it is undeniably run by some tedious rotters. The most recent example is their entirely meretricious campaign to upset HMG’s award of a contract to produce British passports such that, instead, De La Rue gets the juice. The cost to the taxpayer of such a switch is a trifling £120 million. I for one will be livid if such a switch occurs.


Apparently the FCA is running an advertising campaign at vast expense to remind the citizenry of the last day for PPI claims. Good God! There is hardly any other advertising on TV nowadays and we are paying for yet more!

(As it happens a chum picked up £21,000 the other day for a PPI claim which was brought to his attention by a third party. He had hitherto been in blissful ignorance of the possibility. Shome Mishtake Shurely.)


Finally, in a sense, this constant reference to anti-semitism is unwise since it does not necessarily kill it off. But there is a point at which senior Jews (and the rest of us) must speak up. When Lord Winston says that Corbyn’s conduct is simply unacceptable (today’s DTel letters page) one knows that that point has been reached.

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  • Simpkin says:

    So, this page keeps asking me to register but I already am registered and receiving your daily emails. I am trying to access the short article on Capita but keeep going round in circles. Help please.

  • M Donovan says:

    How valuable to read blunders. My recent one went of for four years with a stockbroker who managed to loose money in the best bull market there’s been. Ended up with losses one every stock in the portfolio. I never achieved that when managing the account myself. Luck had me escape when the Carillion shares still had some value. caveat emptor

  • Ivan says:

    I’m well down on Victoria Oil and Gas which I bought as a result of Simon’s comments but I’m not aware of any further comments from him since I bought. What’s his current assessment?

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