Evil Diaries: Ideal for Christmas and I deal for Christmas 2022

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Evil Diaries: Ideal for Christmas and I deal for Christmas 2022

Book review: “Dear Sir James (Dyson), I think your autobiography, Invention: A Life, is a terrific read. You must have a magical way to talk to banks since I personally do not possess it. (Indeed my wife will not let me talk to our bank since she knows that, within less than a minute, I will lose my temper.) I am still unclear what a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is but I admire your commercial success with it. Yours sincerely, Knievil.”

Readers should hurry along and pay £13 for Amazon value. This present will inspire the up and coming generation of designers.

In the meantime we oldies should trot out and hoover up REA (RE.). We had Richard Robinow, who founded the company, along for lunch last Friday (it was an enjoyable occasion). He is the most discreet of fellows but I did not see him weeping at the outlook for trading in 2022. Accordingly, I strongly recommend that readers pay less than 125p and cautious ones can confine themselves to the 9% prefs. Fortune will favour the bold and I am hoping to double the value of my family’s investment in 2022. Indeed RE. is Amazin’ value.

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