I am going (yet again) for gold

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I am going (yet again) for gold

My wife and I know Alan and Gina Miller (pictured). Gina is better known in some circles as Mrs Wham Glam and has instructed Lord Pannick QC to appear for her in the RCJ Strand to force HMG to put an irrevocable Brexit decision to the House of Commons first. Mrs Wham Glam is a Bremainer and reckons that a departure vote in the House of Commons is unlikely. I disagree since the country will riot if it has to endure any more meddling behind its back. But I see no harm in the House of Commons voting – as long as it votes sensibly (of course).



Meanwhile FTSE keeps edging ahead. With all this inflation are you surprised?


I am going (yet again) for gold. I’ll get it right eventually. It’s the prospect of a rise in USD interest rates that is causing hesitation.


Tomorrow at Ascot, Almanzor should trounce the field for the Champion stakes. I certainly hope so since I am set upon a recovery mission after his non-appearance in the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe.

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