Evil Knievil: Woodford has every right to hang on to his fees

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Evil Knievil: Woodford has every right to hang on to his fees
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I cannot think why Woodford should forgo his £100,000 a day of fees. They are drawn in terms of an agreement. If all that is proposed is bleating MP power as the basis of law then, were I Woodford, I would not care in the slightest.

I imagine the fools at the FCA will make difficulties for any who propose some interim market making facility to get hapless holders out of their jam. But was it not ever thus? i.e. money is paid to keep the FCA going and with nothing to show for it.


Another bunch of fools (or MPs as we now know them) propose to render NDAs illegal. But this presumably includes all NDAs. It’s very difficult to define inadmissible NDAs from standard NDAs.

Personally, I wish I were a woman who could attract a pat on the bum from Green. Very profitable.


MPAC (LON:MPAC) has today formally declared that it has got its pension fund problems (I never thought they were there in the first place) well under control. This leaves the shares cheap at 170p.

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