Evil Knievil: The delivery of delivery

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Evil Knievil: The delivery of delivery

I think it was US president Calvin Coolidge who opined perhaps one hundred years ago that the business of America is despatch. I am sure he was and remains right.

When I was a boy the idea of goods and services being delivered efficiently on time was absurd. It either happened by accident or it did not happen at all. So when I first noted brokers’ notes fifty years ago stressing the required study into transport costs I was very struck. I still am given that there are huge savings to be achieved.

For instance, Amazon have a remarkably efficient delivery service which could be materially more efficient if it were aggregated with other deliveries. Presumably Amazon fancy competing to destroy the oppo.

Even so the scope is huge. Take the Post Office. There are first class people working at street level for the PO. But they are not properly organised. For instance, delivering every day is a waste of time given the availability of the internet and online banking. But nothing seems to be possible with the Communications Union who are living in the last century. The result is of course that their members suffer seriously reduced wages. I suspect Amazon and company are going to teach Royal Mail no end of a lesson.


I note Trump’s enthusiasm for taking hydroxychloroquine. All it does as far as I can see is generate beautifully coiffured blonde hair. Whether this effect is all over the body I really do not know. Over to Melania.

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