Evil Knievil: Stay bold with gold

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Evil Knievil: Stay bold with gold

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NYSE:BAML) published a few days ago a target price for gold of $3,000 by the end of 2021. Well, we can all do that but BAML think carefully before so opining.

As before, one can open a long position in physical gold on the spreads (allow for $100 disappointment) and buy, as I have done, Golden Prospect (LON:GPM), now 35p.

Incidentally, I checked with GPM yesterday and they are now mildly geared into the bargain.


Having lost £10,000 going long West Texas Intermediate I re-entered the market and bought Brent Crude for August delivery, now $28.13.


The stupidity of Trump is nearly beyond belief. His sacking of Rick Bright who was and remains an expert on what works by way of inhibiting Covid-19, simply because Trump reckons he knows better, is a fresh low.


Brand awareness: I am prepared to bet that the vast majority of readers are hitherto unaware that the name of the cinema chain established by Oscar Deutch about ninety years ago, Odeon, is based on an acronym Oscar Deutch Entertains Our Nation.

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  • Alex McKenzie says:

    Odeon was already a well-established name for a picture house many years before Oscar Deutch founded his company. The word’s meaning is pretty much unchanged from the ancient Greek ᾨδεῖον – ‘a building used for musical entertainment’. The coinage ‘Nickelodeon’ dates from the earliest days of the motion picture.

    “Oscar Deutch Entertains Our Nation” is a convenient but tortuous back formation, a type of word game popular at the time.

  • Marcus Edwards-Jones says:

    Simon, as a racing man I would have thought you might not have misspelt Oscar’s surname. Charlie Deutsch is his great grandson. I like your gold argument. What do you think of silver.

  • Olivier says:

    That aside, what is your updated view on 600 group? I believe it was a favourite of yours and has been affected negatively quite a bit.

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