Evil Knievil: Preparing for Melbourne

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Evil Knievil: Preparing for Melbourne
My chums at Racepal advise that the two against the field in the Melbourne Cup (start time 4.00 a.m. tomorrow) are Magic Wand at 20/1 and Youngstar at 33/1. They are, I am advised, both 14/1 chances. So it is time to invest seriously.


Right now, it is raining a bit in Melbourne but it is hoped that the rain will be mild enough accompanied by a drying breeze. Youngstar should not be disadvantaged by rain but too much of it would not assist Magic Wand. Fingers crossed.

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  • philip baker says:

    No idea about horse racing.
    REA price on the rise as palm oil futures go above 600.
    What odds do you give on the preference dividend being paid and the arrears being paid?

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