Evil Knievil: Market developments

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Evil Knievil: Market developments

It was John Donne who pointed out that one should not ask for whom the bell tolls since it tolls for you.

But I am more of the Ernie Bevin school where Ernie was told that Aneuran Bevan was his own worst enemy. Ernie countered: “Not while I’m alive he ain’t”.

Accordingly, Trump’s succumbing to Covid-19 is a desirable development. He specialises in silly looks and looks silly.


Anyway, my immediate reaction has been to go longer gold and sterling v. dollar and resolutely short FTSE. So far so good.

Astonishingly, Betfair have suspended the market in Biden v. Trump. This is surely the moment when any sensible poisoner would be working his way into the White House to make sure that Covid-19 does its duty and lands the poisoner’s bets against Trump. Betfair should encourage free trade rather than go shivering into the corner painted for it by the Gambling Commission, the heart of silliness and wetness.


I had prepared some notes on the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe based on Love overcoming the hock-deep conditions in Paris – she is the most balletic of horses that I have ever seen. But the trainer knows better and has withdrawn her in favour of North America in a few weeks’ time. I do not know what to recommend now but, exceptionally, invite readers (only the first ten) to phone me at, say, 1.00 p.m. on Sunday on 020 7835 0868. I fear that such heavy going precludes any bold speculation.

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  • william chesney says:

    HI Evil,i invested in SIXH when things were good +your reco,do you think they will
    pull through this being some 50% down ?stay safe.

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