Evil Knievil: It is time to bet against Johnson

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Evil Knievil: It is time to bet against Johnson
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Peterborough, where Labour beat Farage’s Brexit by 683 votes, experienced 10,000 postal votes. This is an extraordinarily high figure given that there is the improbable presumption that voters turned to the postal alternative in the normal course of registering their wishes.

However, it now transpires that many postal voters had their forms filled in by the likes of their local imam and indeed that some voters were offered 10 pounds apiece to vote Labour.

It would be best to rerun the election and soon.


Separately, Max Hastings wrote a long and detailed article for the Guardian of 24th June. Here is the link:

I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister | Max Hastings

Clearly, appointing Johnson to be PM is a sick joke for which the Conservatives could never be forgiven. For Johnson is a nasty bit of work. This represents a change of opinion from that which I held last week. I suspect that many Conservatives will make the switch in the coming days. Therefore, it is time to bet against Johnson.


The problem for REA (LON:RE.) is that competition has lately come from soybean. This has caused a severe depression in the palm oil price. However, we have probably (no guarantees) seen the bottom. As already indicated, the safer approach is to buy the preference shares.

Comments (8)

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    Max Hastings writing in The Guardian is better than the purest of pure gospel.
    Look what he made me do! I need a new set of pearls to clutch…

  • Tony Airey says:

    Hastings v Johnson. In politics, one man’s opinion of another (irrespective of whether I share it) is rarely favourable, and even more rarely based on fact.

  • Tony Airey says:

    I doubt that many Tories will be swayed by an opinion expressed in The Grauniad.

  • Deek says:

    Or people are getting wealthier and have less need for palm oil for various reasons.
    How is buying the preference share any safer, it would be safer to buy a company that can actually pay it dividend imho

  • Chris Wheatley says:

    I think Boris ran London quite well and was a good foreign secretary most of the so called gaffs were not gaffs at all, personal attacks are nearly all from remoaners who want us to stay a region of the superstate, self government is actually the normal state for most countries and most of the problems of leaving seem to be driven by threats that Europe will blockade our exports and harm trade so harming themselves as well and seems another reason to leave our so called friends. Hastings accuses him of being Partridge or Trump what ever that abuse is meant to mean, I happen to think the wording on the bus was correct we lost control of the gross amount and will save millions which is why they are so angry, Germany will have to build Albania’s motorways, the alternative is Hunt who was happy not to resign from the cabinet and wave through a colony status deal which even now envisages years of transition when instead we should now move to art 24 of gatt if the eu actually wants a trade deal, Hastings maybe a euro fanatic who will do what he can to stop the referendum result being implemented, others stand outside his door to send recordings to the Guardian, writing these personal attacks should not stop the referendum being implemented, Hunt has now called Boris a coward and many who supported leaving little englanders I would not back him with any money he so far still rates below Boris in the polls, it really is time we left, lets have a vote in 20 years to rejoin if there is any demand once we know how well the Italian parallel currency has worked out.

  • Angus Palmer says:

    Agreed a vote for er the other fella would mean ‘no change’ someone who won’t go the the no deal route and that spells disaster for the leave campaign. No Boris = no Brexit.

  • Lurch says:

    Opposing Bozza @ 1/5,prey do tell how much have you lumped on Hunt @ 7/2?

  • Martin says:

    I suggest everyone reading this send a copy of Hastings’ piece to his MP (if a Tory). In the Grauniad or not, Max is no socialist and his pedigree as editor of the Telegraph should carry much weight. Don’t say you haven’t been warned about Boris.

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