Evil Knievil: I need some help here

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Evil Knievil: I need some help here
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Every now and then we get lucky albeit on a wholly undeserved basis. I refer of course to the survival of Jeremy Corbyn who is undoubtedly one of the most stupid men I have ever listened to. With his leadership of the Labour Party for the next general election it has no chance whatsoever of winning. Subtler minds than mine would point out that it is not wise to stress this point in public in case the Labour Party sobers up and changes its front man. No chance. For the Labour Party has an unassailable electoral base of children who want Corbyn.

What is interesting is a bet on Corbyn’s eventual successor. I need some help here.


My father died last February and left his estate in the hands of Blake Morgan, a national firm of solicitors with a branch in Oxford. They are proving to be outstandingly slow and incompetent. For instance, I my brother and my sister have raised a point and instead of giving an answer the solicitor advises that she has drafted a letter to the partner who is in charge of her. We, the executors, do not get to see the letter or have explained to us why it is in draft. I cannot wait to see the time analysis of the bill which on an interim basis is up past £14,000. I should add that my father, despite his many faults, was utterly meticulous in maintaining his papers. It is quite impossible for even the most blockheaded of rookie solicitors to get this wrong.

There are some who think that a solicitor, being a “professional”, cannot possibly get things wrong. I, who wiped the floor of the High Court with Blake Morgan or Blake Lapthorne as it then was, know better.


I have asked the management of Manx Financial (LON:MFX)to pay a dividend. There is plenty of room to do so. I bought more at 9.25p last Friday. The 6/19 results are due out ere long.

Comments (5)


    £14,000! I suppose that’s about nearly 100 hours work. Difficult to imagine what they have been doing.

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    McDonnell is the organ grinder. Corbyn merely the monkey.
    Old cold eyes will take over when the time comes, just like his old boss
    Red Ken Livingstone took over from Andrew Macintosh at the GLC, back in the day.

  • John Atkinson says:

    MFX were 150p in 2008, in 2009 they had slumped to less than 25p where they have remained. Anyone with more history might like to reveal the whole story.

  • Rocky says:

    McDonnell is far more dangerous. When interviewed he comes across as reasonably sane. Until you look a little closer at what he is actually proposing.

  • Jemima Puddleduck says:

    I hope whoever becomes labour leader that they can be even more useless than Jeremy, I knew from the start that he would do what I wanted him to and that was fail, McDonnell is shaping up well enough for that. The lib dems also have a perfect fail in Miss Swinson, she reminds me of Mrs Bucket. Bojo is a complete twat and lies at every turn which is whats expected of politicains but I find him very transparent, reminds me of Trump and am happy voting for him.

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