Evil Knievil: Corbyn’s bribe

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Evil Knievil: Corbyn’s bribe
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The Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mervis, writes in today’s Times that Corbyn is not fit to be prime minister – simply on account of his anti-semitism in practice. I could have told him that long ago and added at least ten other reasons. The difference is that anti-semitism is a contagious disease and should be stamped upon immediately.


Corbyn and McDonnell have come up with the electoral bribe that women whose retirement age has been extended from 60 to 65 for the purposes of an old age pension should be paid the missing five years. The campaigners for this move, known as WASPI, seem to overlook the fact that modern medicine has hugely extended life and the state had to increase the retirement age. Of course, WASPI claim that the affected women did not receive adequate notice of the age increase. This is pure tosh.

The electoral bribe if implemented would cost £58bn which cannot, under any circumstances, be afforded. Not even 10% of that figure can be afforded.

Interestingly, this bribe does not feature in the Labour Party manifesto. This is because, were Corbyn ever to come to power, the promise would be staring at him every day. This promise is just like the LibDems’ promise to abolish tuition fees for students at universities – ie completely impossible.


Transport for London has revoked Uber’s licence. The grounds for such action look very thin to me and I suppose that Uber will win on appeal. TFL’s action is presumably based on providing comfort to traditional black cab drivers so they vote Labour. This just shows what a hopeless person Mayor Khan is.


Seemingly, there will be adverse revelations for Watchstone (LON:WTG) later this week. We’ll see.

For what it is worth, I spoke to WTG’s chairman yesterday and he confirmed that WTG would go on liquidating itself and, eventually, return cash to shareholders.

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