Evil Knievil: A fresh shorting opportunity

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Evil Knievil: A fresh shorting opportunity
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Some bright sparks propose statutory law to inhibit the use of Essay Mills, firms which sell essays to undergraduates to allow them to fool their supervisors. There are two points: (i) the supervisor in question would have to be an A1 clot to fail to see the improbably improved work submitted by an Essay Mill customer; and (ii) there is already law covering fraud to deal with such undergraduates.

Also on the silly list is Nicky Morgan, who thinks that opinion pollsters, paid a lot by their capital markets customers, should publish the result of their enquiries to the general public. This girl Morgan is not bright.


All that Barnier has to do is to leave everything as it is and then ratchet up the rules after 29th March 2019. He’ll soon find that the British public resent this conduct. That being the case there is no need to get wound up by his current alleged stances.


Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) today announces conversion of 9 million euros of debt at c. 4 euro cents a share. This puts c. 1.5p on tnav and makes CLP cheap at 1p.


Finally, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) may go up today on relief at the lightness of the $40 million fines and the claimed production improvement. But this merely offers a fresh shorting opportunity.

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