Evil Knievil: 100p here we come

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Evil Knievil: 100p here we come
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Anyone would think that 2008 was the most appalling economic setback in the history of the world. The fact is that the general standard of living was only mildly affected. Certainly, by comparison to the early nineteen thirties.

However, the debt generally experienced remains insane and is greatly increased since 2008. Perhaps we will have a proper decline in the standard of living after all.


I do not think Musk has the time to spare to deal with the defamation action which he has brought upon himself. Best to settle and pay up without further ado.


JLR is laying off workers, claiming that reduced diesel car sales and the arrival of Brexit are to blame. I doubt it. I suspect that people are getting bored with blocking the streets of Chelsea. At least I hope so.


Finally, Elektron (LON:EKT) are marginally down on this morning’s half-year result to 31st July. I suppose this is a bull account being unwound. Otherwise, all is fine. 100p here we come.

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