Evil Diaries: New Star Starts To Earn Its Name

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Evil Diaries: New Star Starts To Earn Its Name

It has taken a fair old while but New Star Investment Trust (NSI) have announced a 24p per share special distribution. This leaves the price up 15p at 130p to 135p. Tangible net asset value is now 190p and the shares remain a screaming buy. John Duffield is a very intelligent fellow.


Disappointment when playing football is just a risk for all Scots. So Hungary’s late goal yesterday hardly comes as a surprise. Younger readers are now informed that about twenty years go there was a friendly international between Brazil (featuring Ronaldino) and Scotland. Ron’s ten teammates gathered round him before the kick off and told Ron that they were off to the pub and would see him after the game.

And so it came to pass that when they returned to the dressing room the game had finished 1-0 in Brazil’s favour. But, they asked, how had Ron scored only once. “I didn’t,” he replied “I got sent off after ten minutes and they scored an own goal.”

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