Evil Diaries: Geraldine and I

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Evil Diaries: Geraldine and I

I have been ploughing through David Hooper’s Buying Silence which highlights the incidence and consequences of SLAPP’s (or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). These are shocking and intended probably to abuse the English legal system if the solicitor’s SLAPPing client thereby wins. HMG will have to act.

However, I myself encountered a master practitioner of this process in the form of Geraldine Proudler who about thirty years ago came to my office to interview me as she gathered evidence on behalf of the Sunday Times who had been pestered by an outstandingly dishonest man.

I heard no more from Geraldine until, about ten years ago, she contacted me at the behest of Globo a massive non-stop fraud and its management where I had had the benefit of Gabriel Grego’s very carefully assembled review of the true state of Globo’s finances. I laughed off Geraldine’s enquiries and gave her some very good advice which was to ensure that her firm, Olswangs, now CMS Olswangs, was always well paid in advance by Globo. Geraldine has yet to send me a cheque for my exceptional and freely offered advice. This is more brass neck than that of a speckled hen.


My attention has been drawn to some very unpleasant people who do business with Victoria Carpet (VCP). I tried to borrow stock but was asked to pay 30% p.a.. This is a waste of time. But wild horses could not persuade me to buy or hold VCP, now c. 380p.


Finally, Naked Wines, descended from Majestic Wine, is now standing at a tiny fraction of its high. I am amazed at how long this descent has taken. Just think of all those suckers who bought it to avoid inheritance tax.

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