Evil Diaries: Especially when it’s this round

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Evil Diaries: Especially when it’s this round

What goes around comes around, especially when it’s a Krispy Kreme doughnut. About fifteen years ago I traded this long and, possibly, short. I closed my position and forgot all about it.

However, although Krispy Kreme went into Chapter 11, it has just emerged back into the limelight. It is to be capitalised at c. $4bn and will bear the ticker DNUT. This is not good news for slimmers.


I sold some Rosenblatt Group (LON:RBGP) this morning because my family has too many and because the Mail on Sunday gave it a puff yesterday. I achieved 140p and may have sold too early. It’s just that caution is settling into my psyche – AD don’t you know.


Something has gone badly wrong at Private and Commercial Finance (LON:PCF). This morning’s statement advises that PCF is still taking deposits even though there have been and will be more serious delays in the production of accounts.

The libertarian in me has always taken the view that investors can deposit their cash wherever and whenever they like. I may have to revisit this attitude ere too long.


Twenty years ago I was absorbed by Peter Godwin’s Mukiwa. And, seemingly, I bought his follow up book When A Crocodile Eats The Sun (this is what Africans call an eclipse of the sun and it presages a disaster). But for some reason I never read it. I must simply have forgotten all about it.

However, my wife picked it out along with a copy of Teach Yourself the Calculus and over this last weekend I chewed through the lot. It is a riveting book and recounts Mugabe’s dictatorship up to 2004. It is undoubtedly a beautifully written book. It is a terrible warning as to what happens when government falls apart. I particularly commend it to the children who supported Corbyn.

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  • KEITH BRAVIN says:

    So did you also read Teach yourself Calculus ?
    Teach yourself Crypto / Blockchain might be of more significance nowadays !

  • philip baker says:

    REA paid there preference dividend. Do you buy more preference more ordinary or invest elsewhere or last option sit on the cash?

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