Evil Diaries: A raffle winner speaks out

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Evil Diaries: A raffle winner speaks out

Generally speaking, the DTel letters page is dominated by A1 crashers but, every now and then, earns a little redemption. For instance, a Paul Soloman of Hampshire has written to advise that he sympathises with a Yorkshire reader whose accent was mocked when he worked in a City bank since Mr Soloman, who was born with a Cornish accent, had to put up with “oo arr” a lot when he worked in the City. In addition, Mr Soloman advises that “although I am not Jewish, I have, because of my name, experienced anti-Semitic remarks all my life – especially if I win a raffle”.


If it were not so serious the great taxation raising debate would be mildly comical were it not for the fact that HMG keeps on permitting or encouraging more and more immigration which causes more and more demand for housing which just is not there.

The way round this problem is to speed up the granting of planning permission and financially penalising those who do not release and develop land. However, such an approach would cause a riot amongst the residential property-owning classes and therefore this reversal of the lunacy that has pushed up housing prices this last thirty years cannot be stemmed. Those whom the gods would destroy…


Quite how the Conservative Party thinks it sensible potentially to override the Sunak/Truss choice by members of Parliament is not clear to me. And to cap it all it is expected that the country is very likely to be leaderless and therefore indecisive until 5th September. The fools are in charge. Those whom the gods…….


I keep on buying Logistics Development Group (LDG) – last at 13.5p. If I were a fool I would accuse myself of theft. In the meantime, I’ll keep buying. I think it makes sense.

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  • Dudley Rees says:

    I purchased Angle (AGL) shares a few weeks ago when mentioned by EK and am currently down 51%. Luckily I only invested £1,000, so could be worse! Is it a good time to buy some more or sell and be glad that I have not lost more?

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