A star is born

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A star is born

A star is born: if you missed Georgia Toffolo (a.k.a. the Toff) on Andrew Neill’s politics show go back and look it up. She won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Not only is she attractive (very and with good legs) she is astute and clever. She is a natural Conservative by disposition and she has a terrific sense of humour. The two do not necessarily go together.


A star is shot down: at long last the people are revolting against the halfwit Trump. This is evidenced by the Alabama result. There is hope for us all. Including the silly dims that voted for him in the first place.


Some footballer has been charged with “excessive misconduct”. This is encouraging since I always fancy a bit of misconduct. The trouble is knowing when to draw the line and, here, the regulators seem to have the same problem.


On Sunday last I read that Barclays had closed the account of an entirely blameless customer of forty-nine years’ standing. Apparently, they confused him with some bloke on the wanted list. However, it took Barclays 92 days to correct their error. First they offered £250, then £500 and finally £1,500.

Where on earth do they recruit their staff? The local loony bin?


I am fed up with Mifid proof of identity requirements. I have provided about seven so far. And it means nothing to anybody at all. I remind our wretched government that we are supposed to be getting away from the land of the Mifid origination. Do tell them to leave the stage.


Purplebricks (LON:PURP) have reported this morning. They traded at 425p and are now 360p. It is still a short since the business can never work.


I learn that both Barclays and Hargreaves Lansdown cheat their customers on forex transactions. This is going to blow up into a class action. The sinners do not know this yet. Any reader with £100,000+ transactions in point are invited to contact me.


Having a baby: I heard on Ed Reardon’s Week that the lady whose body clock is running out is set upon sprogging up. By whom? She did not say.

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Comments (2)

  • NeilMc1 says:

    It could have been the accusations against him personally that lost it for Roy Moore and to call Trump voters Dims is exceptionally insensitive as most of them were just expressing a disagreement with the establishment that have been conning them for decades.

  • Alan Grant says:

    Evil Knievel has said that Barclays and HL are cheating on Forex transactions and invited people to contact him. I was intending to carry out a Forex transaction of £300,000 in the near future at HL, can Evil please provide details of the cheating?

    Yours gratefully

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