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Henderson International Income Trust plc

About This Trust

  • Leverages Janus Henderson’s broad and deep regional market expertise to build a diversified international portfolio
  • Flexible mandate but looks for companies that could pay dividends of more than 2% of the share price
  • Benefits from strong dividend growth outside the UK

Portfolio Mangement

Ben Lofthouse, CFA

Head of Global Equity Income | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1998. Joined Firm in 2004.


Trust TV: Where can active managers beat tracker funds?

Date: 11/03/2020

In which markets do active fund managers have an edge over passive strategies? Ben Lofthouse, fund manager of Henderson International Income Trust, explains in the latest episode of Trust TV.


Looking overseas for income with Ben Lofthouse

by James Faulkner | Episode 14 | 5 February 2020 | Length: 0:21:53

Today’s guest is Ben Lofthouse of Henderson International Income Trust. We’ll be talking about why investors should look further afield than the UK in their search for income, and we’ll also be taking a closer look at some of the investment themes that drive Ben’s approach to income investing.

For UK investors. Capital at risk. For a full glossary of terms mentioned within this episode please visit www.janushenderson.com/ukpi/content/glossary.

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