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Henderson High Income Trust plc

About This Trust

  • Invests predominantly equities but has flexibility to invest in fixed income assets
  • Bottom-up style to stock selection with an emphasis on value
  • Portfolio includes large and small companies that have attractive and sustainable cash flows

Portfolio Mangement

David Smith, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2002. Joined Firm in 2002.


How to protect your portfolio from disruption

Date: 27/01/2020

David Smith, fund manager of Henderson High Income Trust, discusses the Trusts recent performance, having ended the year by outperforming the benchmark. David also discusses the latest portfolio activity and how he and his team protect the portfolio from disruption.


UK stocks: Unloved and undervalued

by James Faulkner | Episode 2 | 21 May 2019 | Length: 0:20:35

James Faulkner talks to David Smith, manager of Henderson High Income Trust, about the prospects for UK stocks against the backdrop of Brexit turmoil. The conversation covers valuations, the risks stemming from Brexit, the hunt for income, and how David is navigating the markets with his own holdings within the trust.

For UK investors. Capital at risk. For a full glossary of terms mentioned within this episode please visit www.janushenderson.com/ukpi/content/glossary.

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