The Mobile-Enabled Enterprise

We enable you to “see every job”. Captured by your customers, a crowd or mobile live streaming video from the incident back to you

  • Self Service Online

    Self Service Online

    Customers, Employees, Supply Chain and others capture Video/Images/Text to communicate instantly with you on a powerful cloud hosted incident management platform.

  • Video-enabled Crowd Sourcing

    Video-enabled Crowd Sourcing

    An “on demand” network of hundreds of local, instantly available workers to deliver incident-specific information back to you via Video/Image/Text via a secure cloud hosted management platform.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Live Video Streaming

    Use your own staff, your experts and suppliers, a low cost crowd to bring incidents live to the desktop for instant decisions to be made to get problems resolved quickly, efficiently and at less cost.

Data Management, Enrichment & Real time Analytics

We enable you to visualise your data regardless of source and type from printed document through to high end databases and provide real time dashboards to enlighten your business decisions  

  • Text to Data

    Text to Data

    Ingest any form of data…Structured or Unstructured, Internal or External

    Take text and turn it fully searchable data

    Machine read forms 

    Incorporate web-scraping technology

  • Virtual Warehouse

    Virtual Warehouse

    Connect to data sources and create data mash ups

    provide search and analytic capability

    Blend industry data and our own intel data with your data

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    See your data any way you wish in over 600 visualisation types

    widget based charts, heat maps, gauges, maps, tables and link charts easily embedded in other web systems

    Data/Analytics made available where customer decisions take place

    Analyst free report designer

Media Acquisition and Robotics

As a company founded upon creativity we operate our own fleet of UAV’s, Vans with integral masts, 360⁰ video system and fully animated Robots.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Remotely controlled photography using Telescopic masts and UAV’s produces high quality stills and video showing angles and views impossible to obtain in any other way

  • 360°  on the ground video

    360° on the ground video

    We provide 360⁰ video and still images on your desktop

    You can move and spin the view

    Link to mapping

    See areas in detail in a form of video in 360 format you control

  • Full size humanoid Robots

    Full size humanoid Robots

    The first commercial organisation to operate a Robot service for Marketing, Tradeshows, Promotional Work, Corporate Events.

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