Critical Elements Corp and Grande West Transportation

Critical Elements is developing the Rose lithium-tantalum Deposit in Quebec. An independent economic assessment of the project prepared in 2011 by Genivar (WSP) showed a pre-tax NPV 8 of $488 million and a 33% IRR with a lithium carbonate price of $6000/t and $118/lb for tantalum. The project was designed to be open-pit with a mine life of 17 years. The company is now at the feasibility stage and well positioned to capture the rising lithium demand for battery products. With a lithium carbonate purity of 99.98% the Rose project demonstrates strong economics with high quality materials.

Grande West is a Canadian bus manufacturer who designed, engineered and manufactures Vicinity buses. With little competition in the “mid-size” bus range, Grande West has set itself apart from others with the Vicinity bus – a heavy duty mid-size, true community transit bus now in operation in many municipalities across Canada.

The Vicinity is designed with affordability, accessibility and global responsibility in mind. It costs significantly less than a regular 40 foot transit bus, burns less fuel and emits less harmful emissions. It is a Smart Choice for Right Sizing your transit fleet.