So today is the day for ENRC holders. Sh*t or bust as the saying goes!

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In the event of a bid, submissions to our competition centre around 370p with one optimist looking for over 500p! All will be revealed shortly it seems…

With the consortia running it right to the wire of the deadline tomorrow, our guess is that per press commentary of an extension, that there is some guidance as to just what the offer level is. All has been ominously quiet this last week.

With the stock down and Kerimov slicing a miniscule amount of his holding towards 300p yesterday, we wonder if it is a “spoof” or the market (read “insiders”) have caught wind of something…

I must admit to initially being perplexed at why Kerimov would sell such a small amount of his stock (1%) knowing full well he would have to announce it. The market would see him coming with other 40m of course. And then it hit me. If you were looking to buy more stock what would you do? Ttry to buy at the lowest possible price and so release an RNS where you sell a small amount of stock in the hope that the price comes back thinking you are a ontinued seller?! You have got to think like a shark to beat shark…

If there is a further RNS tomorrow of buying by Kerimov then don’t be surprised.

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