Quote of the day from Tom Winnifrith’s OWN Prophets of Perpetual Doom website!

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We print below a comment from Tom Winnifrith’s own website in relation to news that he is being warned by another company via their lawyers about his writings on a stock: 

“Richly deserved too! If it’s Gulf Keystone or Blinkx, your conduct has been nothing short of a disgrace. A myriad of articles about GKP for the sole purpose of helping your fat friend with his short – so transparent it’s unbelievable. As for Blinkx, you are piggybacking on Edelmans “notoriety” to sell a few tickets for your tawdry show and then state gleefully that you are looking forward to seeing what further damage he can do to Blinkx SP and state that you are looking forward to Edelman inflicting more pain on Blinkx shareholders. If a company failed to take steps to protect itself from a twisted, malicious attack from the likes of you, you would be the first to complain about a BOD too craven to stand up for its shareholders. By all means, knock bad companies for the right reasons – then you can truly claim to be the investors champion. The way you are behaving regarding the above mentioned 2 companies you are anything but.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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