Quindell and the watershed moment…

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Quindells Rob Terry

As regular readers will know, I have traded against one Mr Lucien Miers and other bears of this stock in recent weeks, and have made money on both occasions. Currently I am totally flat the stock.

For me however, the game changed seriously today when a competitor website overtly called Rob Terry a “fraudster”. Things do not come any more serious than that and if Mr Terry is indeed not a fraudster then he has now been defamed in the grossest possible manner.

Results for the company are due next week and some clarity on the RAC deal that has hung over the stock price will be expected. However, the real story now is whether Rob Terry really does take the fight to his detractors and finally stands his ground on the accusations of being a fraud and criminal. Absent him setting the record straight and launching court action against his accusers, to me, the shares are now totally untouchable.

Richard Jennings

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