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European futures are signalling a flat open as aversion to risk continues, shifting investors to the sideliners. The Dow Jones lost nearly 200 points yesterday evening following data from Europe which showed disappointing growth. Despite a string of decent US data, the market remained unfazed as many believed a correction was long overdue. 30-year bonds extended their yearly rally to 13 percent following yesterday’s growth data, bolstering expectations of further easing. 

Reports have been made that Ukraine troops have advanced to flush separatists from their eastern holdouts. The US and UK diplomats have pledged to punish Russia with industrywide sanctions if this month’s presidential election is undermined. 

The euro rebounded from yesterday’s lows thanks to a sharp drop in US yields as investors booked profits on bearish positions ahead of the weekend. Dovish expectations of the currency has been driven recently by unfavourable growth figures which could be a sign that further stimulus within the European Union is needed.

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